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Healthy Made Simple

This is Hannah Siegrest at a market in India!

2016//Welcome to the New Year!

I love how January pushes us all to look for ways to ‘better’ ourselves. It’s tempting to jump onto extreme diets and cleanses, a band-wagon so easily fallen off of! I wanted to share some steps towards health that you might make with your family or housemates this year. Go Natural this year!

xo Bethany

It probably won’t be all Grass-Fed and Organic the first month….! Do the best you can according to your budget. I’ll share what we do:

*Mostly Organic Fruits and Veg.

* Raw Cheese and Milk

*We are a Gluten Free Household. We made the choice as a family, and have seen massive improvement in everything from fitness to our 3 boys ability to focus. All major grocery stores carry G.F. pastas, breads and snacks.

*I try to, but don’t always buy organic meat, depends on how much money there is.

*I do not buy anything with corn syrup, soy, or hydrogenated  stuff. That’s most processed snacks etc right there.

*No Soda. That’s for weekend treats at a restaurant.

*I don’t keep ‘cheat’ food in the house. That’s setting me up for mid-night chemical loading!I bake once a week ( takes me two hours per week) and keep gluten free muffins, breads, maybe cookies and often grilled chicken breast etc in the fridge for easy snacking.

*get to know your local farmers market or green grocer! I often buy fruit or vegetables that are about to turn bad for much less $.. just use them fast!

*Choose to eat dinner together. I have invested in several 30 minute meal cookbooks and am learning to cook simple weeknight meals that make the family want to sit, relax and nourish themselves after a long day at school and work. Sometimes it’s a grocery store rotissary chicken.. but we are together!

I always recommend to friends that they make one change per week in the beginning. If you are used to eating cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and pasta for dinner then gluten free and unprocessed will seem daunting at the start. So, this month switch from margarine to real butter, the healthy fats will begin to actually feed your brain (making you smarter!) and keep you full for longer. Next month cut out soda. Pick your two biggest ‘food villain’s’ and take those down first. Do it with a friend!

Remember, this is a choice for better health and a longer life.. not a crash diet.

Also, buy the most natural your budget will allow. For example, our budget does not always allow for organic Almond Butter or Juice, so I get the ones in my budget with the least amount of additives and processing. You just do the best you can. I will tell you, in three years we have not been to the Dr for common colds and flus. Just big stuff like Jelly-fish stings and snapped hamstring muscles… !

So, have fun exploring new foods, let your roommates and or kids in on what  you are doing and enjoy it!


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