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When it's your turn on the Meal Train - a way to build hope.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Last week on my Instagram I asked a question: 'What are you doing to build hope and resilience in your life?'.

With so many of our global family and friends being on strict lockdown I felt the oddity of sharing about gathering and opening your table...when so many of us just can't. We know the table has power, fueled by the connection that happens around it. But when we cannot call our friends over for brunch and connect shoulder to shoulder, what new ways are people finding to connect? When we connect we build hope and resilience.

So I asked what you guys are doing? Many accessible and inspiring thoughts came back, one of course stood out to me.

'We have been making dinner and dropping it off at our neighbors door'.


Taking Dinner to someone can mean so much. It communicates such value and love. That you actually took the time and forethought to order or cook me dinner?! That's such a gift!

We most commonly take dinners to friends with new babies or who are ill. One year into Covid-19 lockdowns... taking dinner to friends can happen for any reason! I love the thought of just taking dinner to my friends, for no reason other than because you love them.

For those of us living in places with more relaxed Covid regulations, what about taking dinner to someone you know will be working extra late that day? What about dropping off a cake just because?


There are lots of doable ways to gift someone dinner. There have been many times I desire to join a meal train for a new mama but know my day is slammed and I don't have time to cook. It's ok! Odering Thai Food for them is still a win and everyone feels the love!

When I do have time to cook, I love to put some love into the process. I've developed a few simple meals etc that I know I can pull together easily. I thought I'd share a few of the things that I do when taking someone dinner.

My Meal Train Formula:


- I Love this Kale Salad - it will holdup well and the wilting only makes it sweeter.


- If Bread baking is your thing then this is great time to go to town! Lynns 4 Ingredient Bread is so easy - just start it early in your day. If break making isn't your thing, then hit the grocery store for their fresh bread!

*include a good chunk of Kerrigold Butter*

-Rotissary Chicken

-Making meat and delivering it perfectly cooking and hot it a tough one. So the Rotisserie Chicken became my go to pretty early on. I'd rather focus my attention on the dessert...


- Because it makes people happy.

-Cookies or Brownies

- I usually choose these because they're relatively quick to make but still add a homemade and thoughtful touch to dinner. I love to make these Gluten Free Brownies

Sparkling Drinks or a bottle of Wine.

- It's alway fun to drink something nice! I love to use Soindrift, La Croix or a fun natural soda.

Other things I tend to take are:

- Because it gets better the longer it sits. But you have to have a good chunk of time on your hands to make it!

- Also a great make ahead, but very minimal work. But more importantly when you're sick or recovering you actually need that bone broth etc!

I hope you feel you can try this out! It doesn't have to be the most elaborate meal - this is a case where the thought truly is what counts.

5 Tips for when it's your turn on the Meal Train:

1. Don't feel you always have to say yes! Choose a day when you know you have margin. I've had seasons where I knew it a too much and skipped that request all together! Do this out of overflow !

2. Choose a meal you're familiar with making.

3. Deliver it in disposable tupperwear or dishes you are happy to pass on. This means the recipient doesn't have to worry about cleaning and returning them to you!

4.Don't be afraid to UberEats!

5.Consider taking Breakfast or Lunch.


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