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My Top 5 Pantry Recipes

Covid-19 has changed daily rhythms for all of us. Here in Hawaii we are 6 weeks into what looks like a 10 week 'Stay Home' order. I have to confess, I'm not hating it. We had gotten SO busy as a family... I was beginning to unravel as I look back on the early months of 2020.

So this slow down has been really good. Jobs have been lost and budgets tightened for us, just like so many others globally. Like many of you, we are encouraged to only go to the shops when absolutely necessary. We are AIMING for a Costco trip every 2 weeks and our amazing Keauhou Farmers Market Pick up weekly. Unless I run out of wine of course... jk jk.

As a result of all this- my grocery list has changed. I'm planning simpler meals with ingredients that are pantry stable or will last in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. So instead of bright Butter-Lettuce and delicate fresh Berries, I'm stocked with cabbages, root vegetables and SO MANY BEANS.

I took a moment this morning to look through the CommunityEats Archives to find my favorite 'Pantry Stable' Recipes for you. Of course there may be herbs or specific flours you don't have on hand. Thats ok! I've added notes below for ways you can sub in more basic ingredients.


This is made with dried pasta (I love Banza Chickpea Pasta), Butternut squash and Green Yoghurt. Those Butternuts will last for weeks in a cool dry pantry- defiantly something to keep in stock these days!


I always forget about this recipe! Made from BASIC grocery store items, feel free to sub out regular breadcrumbs if you don't care about being gluten free


Coconut milk and dried cranberries make standard rice feel special and new. Don't we all have a giant bag of rice that we're scooping from right now?! I love to serve this with roasted chicken and a salad.


You can sub in whatever milk you have for this recipe, use fresh or frozen fruit... or even NONE!


This off course lists fresh herbs in the recipe. If you have access to those, then go for it! The recipe is equally good with only cabbage and onion. If I don't have access too lemons, I would sub in about 2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Happy Cooking!

xo Beth


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