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Eat For Energy

Whether you are a freshman at University studying hard for tests,  a Mom nourishing little brains, or a working couple trying to keep your weight in check –  what you put INTO your body matters.  Our family committed early on to making the healthiest lifestyle choices possible for our budget. We believe we are called to serve the Lord and the world around us for the entirety of our lives and want to be physically fit and healthy enough to do so!

We don’t really eat  with ‘skinny’ in mind. We eat with ENERGY in mind!

Jeff and I need a full energy store to pull from as we travel (too often!) and teach, chase boys, crossfit, create, and just generally lead full and busy lives.  Our boys need the right kind of energy to get them through a full day of school and homework – Brain Food that wont leave them with a sugar crash 15 mins after recess is over! If you are working a 9-5 job, running to classes at your local University … whatever your day, you will need to feed your body with nutrients that will actually carry you through the day.

on a side note, we also Crossfit…where what you are eating is almost as talked about as what you are lifting etc. Here’s a funny picture of us racing across the yard… i only made it a few ‘steps’. Jeff on the other hand, can make it all the way across… its all that energy he’s eating.

But back to nutrition…

What you eat has a direct effect on your bodies ability to function and engage with what you meet in your day. We know many people who have changed their diets and seen ‘incurable’ diseases cured. Crazy right?! Maybe not so much…. Food is an amazing resource, put down the microwave popcorn and start really eating!

Eat for Energy: Some basics on eating for energy. 

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Gradually cut out processed foods like ice cream, soda and bagels and replace them with foods your  great-grandmother would recognize! Real Food that has come from the ground and had very little processing. You can ‘process’ it as you combine it with other wonderful ingredients to make your won flavorful creations!

You want to ultimately  have 80+ percent of your diet be energy efficient, chemical free foods such as:

Grass-produced meatsFish/seafood

Fresh fruits and veggies

EggsNuts and seeds

Healthful oils (Olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)

A small amount of minimally processed whole grains such as rice, oats and quinoa.

Limited Dairy Grass-fed (and raw) when possible; heavy cream, butter, and cheeses

We will explore all of this more… keep reading the Healthy Kitchen Posts for more on how others are making steps towards increased energy and better health!

Here are some practical steps you can take to making your kitchen a powerhouse of super-foods!

Start by getting rid of all processed cereals, snacks and connivence foods.Buy more fresh produce and offer rice crackers, nuts and dried fruit as snacks instead of goldfish crackers and fruit snacks ( how much fruit is really in those things anyway!

Take the time to actually eat breakfast ( even if it;s just a smoothie) rather than grabbing a Danish on your rush into the office.choose to turn off the TV over dinner and sit together. Believe it or not, when we look at what we are eating and WHO we are eating it with… we make healthier choices in what we eat too!

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