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my Lasagne (gf)

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

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This Lasagne has become a go to make ahead in my home. I've tweeked the traditional version of this classic dish to make it simple to put together, and maybe a little bit 'cleaner'. I'm not totally sure about the clean part... hopefully. The white sauce is made with canned coconut milk which gives an amazing depth of flavor!

I use very few ingredients in this. If I have time I do add in mushrooms, zucchini etc at the stage when I'm browning the meat. You can add panko breadcrumbs on top for a really nice crunch too.


* assemble this ahead of time and allow it to sit at least 1 hr. This is what softens the noodles so you don't have to boil them in advance.

* bake it ahead of time then allow it to sit at room temp for at least 1 hr. This 'sets' the Lasagne so its not soupy when you serve it.

* this recipe calls for gluten free noodles. You can use ANY kind of noodles. The method will be the same. Same thing goes for the white sauce, if you are not GF then just use regular all purpose flour.

* this recipe scales really well. pictured below are the ingredients for a 5x batch I made last week.


1 package gluten free lasagne noodles (PastaJoy is a favorite of mine)

for the red sauce:

1lb ground beef or bison

1 large jar marinara (I like the Costco brand)

for the white sauce:

2 cans coconut milk

1/3 cup butter

2 TBSP olive oil

1/3 cup gluten free flour mix

2 cups grated strong cheddar cheese.

1 TBSP dijon mustard.

Additional 1 cup of grated Cheddar Cheese to sprinkle on top


for the red sauce:

* Brown the meat in a large skillet over high heat, about 5 mins.

* add in the jar of marinara and cook another couple mins.

for the white sauce:

* In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter with the oil.

* as soon as its melted add in the flour. Stirring vigorously, cook this rue for 2-3 mins. This gets the 'flour' flavor out.

* in 3-4 batches add in the coconut milk, stirring continually as you go. It will thicken very quickly!

* now add in the mustard and cheese, turn off the heat and let it melt in.

To Assemble:

* begin with a scoop of red sauce in the bottom of the pan, then layer dry noodles over the top.

*next add 1/3 of the white sauce, then later more noodles.

*continue layering like this until you use it all! I typically do 6 layers.

*End with white sauce on the top, making sure every inch of that top layer of noodles is covered. That makes sure they won't buckle or burn while you cook them! Top with the extra cup of grated cheese.

*Allow to sit out at room temp for 1 hour minimum. Can be covered and placed in the fridge overnight too.

*Bake at 375 for 45 mins, or until the top is browned.

* Allow to rest for 1 hr minimum before cutting.


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