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Fresh Tomato Burrata

End of Summer Tomatoes hold a flavor and smell unlike anything else. I'm soaking up these last days of August and cooking as fresh as I can!

I really love to serve this as a casual lunch or to go along with a BBQ or something like that .

Ingredients :

Burrata cheese

Cherry Tomatoes, halved

Peaches or Nectarines, sliced

Basil, chopped

Sea Salt + cracked Black Pepper

Crushed Red Pepper flakes

Good Olive Oil

Method :

Place the Burrata on a platter then scatter the tomatoes and peaches around and over it.

Sprinkle on the salt, pepper, chili flakes and Herbs.

Finally Drizzle Olive Oil and Balsamic.

Enjoy with Friends and Fresh Bread!

xo Beth


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