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Cheats Chocolate Ice Cream

This recipe came from my dear friend Hannah Siegrist. In the years we lived together, it became a nightly staple… eek! I know you will love this creamy ice cream replacement. Start with just a touch of coconut milk and slowly add a little at a time until the ‘ice-cream’ can move around in the blender without becoming too runny in texture. You want to keep it as thick as you can! 

 A few words from Hannah on this treat:

“Sugar free? Dairy free? Oh yes. Meet the chocolate, coconut, and banana smoothie. Whenever the sweet tooth begins to call my name, which is basically everyday, this is my go-to.”


serves 2-4

5 extra ripe frozen bananas (the riper the better!)

1/4 cup -1/2 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup raw cocoa powder

2 T coconut oil (do some research on the health benefits of coconut oil and you'll be hooked too!)

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Blend it all together = a treat for you and your late-night friends! If you don’t like coconut change it up and add raspberries or peanut butter…the options are literally endless with this thing!

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