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How We Gather: Friday Night Celebration

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

by Natalie Bardwell. 2014

It has been a very productive work week here in Huntington Beach.  We all needed to stop and celebrate!  What better way to do so then have friends over for dinner?  We set the table and lit some candles.  Wiped down counters and swept the floor.  Tonight, we fired up the BBQ and combined some Community Eats flank steak with our friends the Scanlan’s infamous fajita recipe and voila!  We transformed simple ingredients into a delicious dinner.  My philosophy on cooking is “keep it simple.”  I am busy.  You are too. The old adage of “less is more” is my modus operandi in the kitchen.  And it works! A few quality ingredients will go a long way.

And the best part….laughs.  Lots of them.  Good friends make the heart feel glad.

When we gather, we come alive.  We mean something to each other. We listen, we are heard. We eat and commune and our hearts are full of thanksgiving.  This November, I say thanks and a great big CHEERS to friendship.


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