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Room for all at the Table

My Friends Danielle does something extraordinary. She keeps her door open, welcoming all in. She keeps her fridge stocked with treats university kids will love, she makes space for everyone to have a place.

She lives with her family ( 5 children) in a small university apartment. When I first walked in I was AMAZED at the way she had decorated. Painted white, with minimalist designs and beautiful plants. And of course a GIANT table.

Here she shares:

'My heart comes alive when I bring people into a space where it’s comfortable to gather.

For me that usually means the table. It feels quite sacred.

Jesus did it. He says “Eat often in remembrance of me.” And so I feel honored to enter in to that space and invite others into it too.

The young adults that enter our home come from either a positive or negative home experience. My hope is that it will either remind them of what they’ve had or flood them with hope of what it could look like.

I know that Jesus has a place set for me at His table so I want to be sure others know they have a place as well.

“In my Fathers house, there’s a place for me, I’m a child of God. Yes I am.” -Hillsong'


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