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How We Gather: the crafting table

2014// This week between Christmas and New Years is the ultimate Christmas season for me… All the joy of Christmas everything, with none of that ‘get stuff done’ pressure. Its a great time to have casual dinner parties and little coffee mornings with your nearest and dearest. 

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This Christmas is our first in California, our first with new friends, our first away from the business of running YWAM Ministry and Training School etc. There are a lot of firsts this year. 

Moving to our new town of Alamo has been incredible and new friends have opened their arms to receive us into their lives. That has blown me away… for these new friends to make room in their hearts for us. We are thankful. On that note, I wanted to share a few pictures from a little morning crafting morning I had with these new friends.  The Christmas season is full of lots to create and craft. Usually we mamas end up awake late into the night making bows and baking cookies.

This year some friends and I brought our projects and sat around my table together… finishing our presents for teachers and gift tags all together. It was SO FUN! SO easy to pull together, and gave us a doable way to connect and be together in the midst of a busy busy couple of weeks! Something I will do again and again…’bring your latest project and lets do it together’! 

Brianne brought the best caramels you’ve ever had ( we are just waiting and begging for her to open a bake shop!), Lorelle faithfully tied string on each of my gift tags ( christmas-spirit embodied in a person!), and Brittny bounced her happy little boy- Baby and took beautiful pictures of our morning. She is a beautiful photographer just look at

So, that is what this Post is about: It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner, a perfect house, or a weekly Bible Study. You can call your friends, old and new and invite them to bring their latest projects, their work, their hearts and get working together! This was a highlight of my season and I know it will be of yours too!


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