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Hawaii Farmers Market Salad

There are little things I life that help me thrive. Farmers market pick ups are one of them! We place our order on Tuesday, and pick it up in a drive through location (wearing our masks...) Saturday mornings. I drive home with a trunk BURSTING with color and amazing smells.

My Hawaii Farmers Market Salad is filled with color and the unique flavors that grown on our island. Local friends, you will find all of these ingredients at your local grocery store or farmers market stand. Friends from far away, you will find most of these things too in your super markets, but I bet you will find exciting and flavorful ways to substitute ingredients so this salad reflects the summertime flavors of your region.

In my mind, the ideal dressing to have with this is a Green Goddess Dressing. I use this recipe from 'No Crumbs Left'.


Mixed Greens

Purple Sweet Potato (bake it with the skin on until it's soft to the touch, then let it cool)

Heirloom Tomatoes


Sweet Maui Onions


Micro Greens

Fresh Limes

Hemp Seeds


*Roughly chop the lettuce and lay it at the base of a large wide bowl.

*Chop everything into bite sized pieces and arrange it on top.

*Squeeze the lime ALLLLLL over it!

Serve immediately with your favorite sourdough bread and seared Ahi or grilled Chicken.

Happy Hawaiian Summer. xo Beth


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