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Easiest Roast Potatoes

These little potatoes are a joy to make. Susan and Basil McLaren first made these for us years ago in Hawaii. It was an amazing BBQ I won’t forget! I now make them at least once a week, and they are always SO GOOD!


1 kg Baby Potatoes or Little Red Skinned Potatoes

2 tsp Olive Oil

A few sprigs Fresh Rosemary, Separated Out


Wash the potatoes and slice them in half.

Spread on a cookie sheet or roasting tray and sprinkle with the salt, olive oil and rosemary leaves.

Roast at 200/420 for 30 minutes. DONE!

Some ideas of what to serve them with: Roast Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Fish, Steak, Hamburgers (instead of fries), or a good Glory Salad.


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