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Creating Beauty in Simplicity

You could say I'm addicted to beautiful things. I'm uncontrollably drawn to beauty. Plants, People, Views, Clothing, Food, if it looks pretty I want to be near it.

This is actually God's wooing of my heart. He is the most Beautiful and creates beautiful things as an expression of who He is. That's why the whole world is drawn to stop and stare and the sunset. It's the reason why we're drawn to flowers. We can connect to God as we look at beauty, it's Him drawing us in to the very core of who He is.

Ever watch Food-Network just because that food LOOKS so good? Because it's magical to watch the hands of a chef turn flour and eggs into pasta that rolls out smoothly into ribbons that hold flavorful sauce.

Gardens hold so much beauty. New life springing from soil, bringing food and flowers. Did you know the color green scientifically relaxes your eyes and brings emotional stillness?! Colors that spark emotion?! Wow God really is extravagantly creative.


We have lived in all sorts of homes, traveled so much. The majority of our time as a family has been on a low budget, living in rented homes... so I haven't been able to redecorate rooms or buy the exact ingredients I see in a recipe.

When I make small efforts to bring beauty into my home, bedroom, table, I see the family relax. When we come to a table with a simple single flower and candle, the kiddos are suddenly more engaged- its like a signal has been given that this is a sacred moment.

I want to share with you some simple ways to create Beauty in your home. These are things I do on a regular basis to promote centeredness, worship and gathering in our family.

1. Use fresh flowers & leaves. I love to forage in the garden or along paths we walk on. I actually LOVE to just gather green leaves and arrange those in a vase or mug. Bringing the outside in makes even the smallest rooms feel fresh and like they're ready to be enjoyed.

2. Put away clutter. Several times per day I walk through the living room and put things away. Toys go in bins, cushions are placed where they belong and papers are stacked neatly. Even if my windows are still dirty with little hand prints, there's a sense of peace because there is SPACE to be... the floor and coffee tables are clear.

3. Bake something. I began to bake when my kids where little and we didn't have a lot of extra. A tray of freshly made muffins used up every last bit of brown bananas and didn't require a lot of time or expertise. Baked goods fill the house with an incredible smell and look beautiful sitting on the kitchen counter as kiddos and friends come home from school and work.

As so many of us globally are 'Staying Home' finding simple ways to bring in beauty has been such a lifeline for our family. I know what I've shared here is just the start - and that you will find your own ways to express beauty! Share your pictures and tag me!

xo Beth


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