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Caprese Salad

Truly one of the world’s most famous salads. The Caprese Salad is a wonderful representation of Italian food at it’s best : simple, rustic, fresh food.

If you can find heirloom tomatoes and fresh fresh mozzarella this will be out of control good. You do really taste the quality of the ingredients in recipes like this, so get out to your local farmers market and see what you can find!


Ripe Tomatoes

Buffalo Mozzarella cheese

-(find balls about roughly the same size as a tomato, and come in a little pot floating in whey. This is the really fresh, soft and mildly flavored mozzarella that will take you straight to the Italian coast!)

Fresh Basil leaves

Sea Salt and Black Pepper

Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar


Slice the ripe tomatoes and mozzarella. I like to slice them about 1/4 in thick...not too thin, you know?

Like you see in the picture, layer up the basil leaves with the tomatoes and mozzarella.

You can get creative and arrange it however you like. So pretty!

Finally, sprinkle with a touch of salt and pepper and a drizzle of oil and vinegar.

Serve right away with a glass of your favorite wine. xo Bethany


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