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CommunityEats is a real life record of the recipes I create and use.  Featuring Inspiration, Recipes and Stories from my dearest friends from all around the globe. Food that we have Gathered Around. Food for You to Gather Around. 

 My hope is that you will find resources, ideas, and tools through CommunityEats to gather and love on people in your home…Adding your own unique and beautiful flair to it! I can’t wait to hear YOUR stories! 

Created by Bethany Reid. I'm a Mom on the Big Island who loves to Gather and Cook, I wake up thinking about what I'm going to make for Dinner haha. My best day ever includes early morning trains (hi Im also a struggling Jiujitsu White Belt), beach hangs with my Besties, and a leisurely Family Dinner on the Lani after Sunset. 


Marc, Minnesota 

" This was the BEST Meal of my life!'

Anna, Chile

'Bethany's attention to detail brought tears to my eyes. She added in ingredients from my home country and I felt so seen. ' 

Rebekah, Hawaii

'Working with CommunityEats was seamlss, easy and enjoyable.'
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