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Hosting the Presence in your Home pt 1

-the culture of my home starts with me-

I think we all dream of having friends over where they can feel the Presence of Jesus. We hope that when people come into our home they feel Love, Acceptance and Blessing.

I've had this post in my heart for a few months now, desiring to share practically how we can cultivate an atmosphere in our home that 'Hosts the Presence of the Lord' - for lack of better words.

Thoughts have been growing as I drive, as I train, as I clean. It's too much to share in one post so I'm just gonna have to do a few...

The truth is, this isn't a three point 'to do' list. It's an overflow. The culture of my home starts with me. As I become aware of the Presence of Jesus around me, inside of me, I can intentionally build that atmosphere into the feeling my home has.

I will never forget, 7 years ago I was in a desperate place. Jeff was out of work and fighting depression, my teenager was going off the deep end. I felt the desperation in our home, like the culture was spinning out of control into too much busy and reacting to our circumstances. I called my freind Deena desperate for any sense of guidance.

She told me to blast worship in the house and start speaking God's promises over our family and over our home. I did it. Then I did it again. Over and over for weeks that was my 'job' after I dropped the boys at school.

And the culture began to shift.

Since that time, personally worshiping in my home has been a part of my daily rhythms and rituals. I play worship straight from YouTube as I clean. Consistently my deepest and most raw times with Jesus are in the kitchen, I play worship as I cook. Often I sense Jesus speaking the most clearly in these ordinary moments, my heart is fed as I chop onions.

You can imagine then, that when my children come home from school, Jeff steps in from work, or guests arrive for a shared meal... Well, they immediately sense what has been sown into the fabric of my home. They may think they're just pumped on the smell of banana bread, but it's the peace, order and joy of Jesus they are encountering.

Lets Get Practical:

Currently, as our children begin their new school rhythms, connection and rest is really important for us. As Summer turns to Fall, I look through the living room and bedrooms in particular. I invite Jesus to speak any ideas of new decor or furniture that should be moved to create an atmosphere of rest and connection.

This year we created a little reading/ talking corner. We added a chair that can be pulled in front of the TV for one more movie night seat. The plant was a gift from a friend, it didn't quite fit her home, but is exactly what I'd been searching for. I added a movable 'poof' seat that can be flopped on by tired little bodies as they talk with buddies or watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Two simple things I do to cultivate an atmosphere of hosting the Presence of the Lord:

* Cultivate your personal worship moments with the Lord.

- fill your home with worship as you clean, cook, or do homework.

* Create spaces that invite personal and household reflection and connection both with God and others. Ideas could include:

- A little corner of soft pillows and bible stories,

- A swing in the big garden tree

- A special candle on the dinner table, you'll be amazed at how that flickering flame brings order to dinnertime!

More to come... xo Beth


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