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Food is to survive, but a Meal is for connection - by Lisa Fepuleai

photos and thoughts by Lisa Fepuleai

This week I had the honor of being a part of a Lovefeast that marked me forever. It was truly a LOVE FEAST. The dinner represented beauty, order and abundance.

We all long to have a seat at the table, to gather and to belong. And I believe that this happens when we gather around a table.

Hospitality is more than a welcome basket, it can be a cup of cold water, it can be a cooked meal but it is also about “making space”- which means having a listening ear or being willing to sit with someone in times of grief, asking intentional question and building connection.

Food is to survive, but a Meal is for connection.

I know for me, I feel so loved when I get invited by someone who took the thought and time to go shopping, cook a meal, set the table and waits for me to come through the door and to take a seat at the table. I feel seen, I feel loved, I feel save - I feel there is space for me to be and with that I can let my guards down.

Beauty comes before function - that is even true regarding food.  Food has not only a function it’s also beautiful to look at and taste even better if the presentation is well done.

May our homes be a place where we make space for people to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Thank you Beth for modeling what true hospitality, making space, beauty, order and abundance looks like.

a Note from Beth:

Lisa is a dear friend of mine. She is an artist, an activist, a catalytic leader, a radical servant. I see her use her table in the manner that she wrote about above. You're the real deal Lisa and I'm so thankful to learn from you. xo Beth


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